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QRoutes is the online tool transport planners have been waiting for, designed for those planning transport provision, for schools and SEN for example.

It is simple to access, easy to use, and delivers the results you’re looking for in minutes.

Get going fast

QRoutes is ready to use online now.

Use your existing systems

Easily import your data in Excel or CSV format. The process will flag any errors and geocode every pick-up and drop-off point


GIS map-based results

planners at the helm

See and manipulate the routes online using the intuitive interface

Automatic scheduling

Cut out the legwork

Optimised routes

“QRoutes reduces the number of contracts we need”
Kent County Council

Finally, a tool to meet the specific needs of local authority transport planning

Planners are expert at their job but it can take many months to route significant numbers of people and the exercise is not done as often as local authorities would like. As a consequence good routes inevitably degrade over time, incurring costs.

QRoutes is an exceptionally powerful routing engine. Designed specifically for schools and SEN transport planning, its beauty lies in its simplicity.

It interfaces with existing data sets making it easy to implement.
It delivers GIS visual map-based results in minutes.
And it enables planners to explore ‘what-if’ scenarios to find new improved routes.

Above all QRoutes is fast, enabling planners to repeat the planning exercise as often as necessary and thereby save money.

QRoutes’ mission is to give our customers the power to cut costs whilst continuing to deliver great – or even better! – services.
QRoutes’ philosophy is to offer our products for a simple, low subscription fee.
QRoutes listens carefully to our users. What works? What doesn’t? Tell us what functionality you want and we’ll work hard to deliver it.