Maas Aligned Local Authorities’ Transport Systems

Guest blog by Andrew Fish A recent blog from Innovate UK highlights the vital role that local authorities (LAs) play in providing connected transport services.  The blog goes on to outline the innovation opportunities available for improving services which local authorities provide and, most importantly, that LA’s play a central enabling role in making these [...]

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Local authority transport planners take to the road to improve services

Bristol, 21 November 2017 – Local Authorities from across the UK converged on Birmingham last week to learn about ways to improve transport services. School and special educational needs Transport Planners from Councils as far afield as Somerset, Buckinghamshire and Sheffield met at Birmingham University as part of an event hosted by transport planning software [...]

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QRoutes Launches Schools and Special Needs Transport Planning Software

Bristol, 14 November 2017 - QRoutes has announced the latest version of its Transport Planning tool, which is available online as easy to use software. Designed to simplify and improve the planning of school and special needs transport, QRoutes optimises routes and maximises vehicle utilisation, reducing operational costs. It can take many months to route [...]

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