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Extraordinary times, extraordinary tasks?

It's been a whirlwind week. The carpet has been swept out from beneath us and everyone is scrambling to work out what next. The new norm of sit inside and wait until the pandemic has passed has its own profound implications - not least how do we as a society look after our children [...]

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Tom Thomson joins QRoutes

We are delighted to announce that Tom Thomson has joined our team. The number of local authorities realising significant benefits from QRoutes on their home-to-school transport planning is growing at an unprecedented rate. And to keep providing those customers with our trademark level of support, we need to keep expanding the team. "Tom's methodical [...]

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Why didn’t we save money after spending so much on a new Transport Management system?

In the last 30 years, many local authorities have invested large sums of money purchasing and implementing systems to manage their data for transport services, such as home to school. But, it seems, most of these authorities continue to wonder if the cost savings they hoped for are ever realised. So why aren’t the [...]

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Leeds City Council provides better travel experience for SEN children (and takes the sting out of rising entitlement and falling budgets) by using QRoutes

A recent review by Leeds City Council found that by using QRoutes to plan SEN home-to-school transport, the number of children who were in-vehicle for more than 75 minutes fell from 19% (July 2017) to 16% (September 2018). QRoutes also helped the team reduce the daily number of vehicles being used to deliver services from [...]

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The Parent’s Perspective

This week I listened to one of the most difficult presentations of my life. I feel it is something I should comment on but I hardly know where to start. At QRoutes we sell market-leading software that helps school transport planners plan home to school transport for special educational needs and disabilities children. We boast [...]

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Planning with Confidence and Clarity – notes from the QRoutes User Group

Earlier this month we welcomed 40 QRoutes Users from as far afield as North Tyneside and East Sussex to our User Group Meeting in Birmingham. QRoutes User Groups are an opportunity for the community of school transport planners to compare notes, and share challenges and successes. And this, the third, was the biggest and best [...]

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Jeff walks a circuitous marathon for Cancer Research

Jeff, our Business Development Director, recently completed a marathon! He did walk it (literally!) so you might think that’s not so difficult. But he recoups kudos because it was overnight. He and his group set off on The Shine Walk at 9.30pm from Southwark Park and wending their way through Fleet Street, Pentonville Road, Park Lane, [...]

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QRoutes Helps Address Sheffield’s Special Transport Needs

Sheffield City Council has turned to the latest mapping and routing technology to improve Special Educational Needs (SEN) transport.  The council, which provides transport for 1000 children to around 35 schools, has deployed cloud-based software from QRoutes to work out the best routes and optimise resources.  The SEN fleet comprises 160 passenger vehicles and there [...]

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